Your Source To Explore The Most Powerful
Self-Development Program Available.

Your Source To Explore The Most Powerful
Self-Development Program Available.


Harry Palmer has written a number of books about Avatar, that can be ordered via this form. Below is a short description of the contents, plus the information you need if you want to order the books via the bookstore.

The books can also be ordered in Dutch.

PowerUpPlus art
PowerUpPlus art

PowerUp PlusPack

Consciousness is a tool and these books by Harry Palmer will show you how to use it. Learning to use your consciousness deliberately is the most rewarding ability you’ll ever develop.

Store Price: € 59,50                  >>More info


 LD Eng nw  

Living Deliberately
The Discovery and Development of Avatar

ISBN 0-9626874-3-X
Live the Life You Choose

Store Price: € 15,00                  >>More info



Resurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness

ISBN 0-9626874-9-9
Discover a source called YOU

Store Price: € 15,00                   >>More info 



The Avatar Path
The Way We Came

Star's Edge International, 2011
ISBN 978-1-891575-68-6
The eighth book by Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials.

Store Price: € 17,00                   >>More info



The Avatar Path 2
Private Lessons

Star's Edge International, 2011
ISBN 978-1-891575-88-4 (Engelse Uitgave)
Winkelprijs: € 22,00                   >>Meer info


 Compassion Card  

Compassion Cards
Join the World Wide Compassion Project!

Increase the amount of compassion on the planet.

Store Price: € 7,00 for 50 cards                  >>More info



Inside Avatar: Achieving Enlightenment

Star's Edge International 1999
Take charge of your own thinking.

Store Price: € 13,00                   >>Meer info




Love Precious Humanity: The Collected Wisdom of Harry Palmer

Star's Edge International 1999
ISBN 1-891575-23-6
Editor: Kayt Kennedy

Store Price: € 20,00                   >>More info


 Pillars Eng


Seven Pillars of Enlightenment 

Star's Edge International 2006
Empower Yourself with the Avatar Mini-Courses.

Store Price: € 35,00                   >>More info



The Thoughtstorm® Manual

Star's Edge International 1986, 1999
Unlock the answers to anything you want to know.

Store Price: € 16,00                   >>More info




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